It is crucial to have the best scan in order to generate the best prints. No matter what kind of scanning that you choose, we always pay great attention to each and individual image. At Colossal Image Printing, we offer the followings scanning options:

Screen Drum Scan -- can scan any printed material, transparencies and negatives with a maximum true optical resolution of 8000dpi up to the size of 12” X 17”. Our scanner has a 4.2 DMax which is the highest in the industries, and capable of capturing both RGB and CMYK in superb highlight and shadow detail. We use KAMI fluid and tape for all transparencies mounting.

Creo-Scitex Flat Bed Scan—can scan any reflective art and transparencies up to 12” X 17” with a true optical resolution of 3,175 X 8,200dpi across the entire bed. Our flat bed has a 4.0 DMax and 3.7 Density Range with ICC color profiler can closely match any color in RGB or CMYK. We can even scan larger art together by digital stitching with extra charge.

Nikon Super Coolscan – can scan any transparencies, negatives and medical slides. It scans 16mm, 35mm, 120/220 films and standard medical slides with a true optical resolution of 4000dpi with a 4.0 DMax and equipped with digital ICE-4, color restoration (ROC), grain equalization (GEM), and exposure extender.

All our scanners are capable of delivering 8 and 16 bit images. All images are scanned with unsharpmask turned OFF, and our master scanner will ensure all color information is captured within the histogram. This will ensure that you have the maximum control when you receive the file. The file will be delivered in uncompressed TIFF at the color mode or workspace that you preferred, and burned in CD or DVD with no extra charge. Your scanned image can even deliver through our secured FTP server for you to download.

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