Colossal Image Printing provides the highest quality, large-format printing services available in the industry. We can print on mediums including archival paper, vinyl, polypropylene, backlit and many more. Our printers can produce prints of various sizes to suit your specific needs. Our printing services range from printing on archival paper, vinyl, polypropylene, to backlit.

We can print your images up to 44 inches at the short width at a stunning resolution up to 2880dpi which far exceed 95% of the large format printer on the market. Keep in mind that we can also assemble multiple prints to address your 'Colossal' printing needs. We constantly stock well over 15 different kinds of media in house for different customers requirements. No matter your application is for retail store display, trade show, or outdoor graphics, we can delivery to you in unparallel quality and reasonable price.

Here is a short category list of the media that we stock: Note: bear in mind that the same media may comes in different features e.g. texture, thickness, and with or without adhesive.

  • Archival photo paper
  • Canvas
  • Polypropylene
  • Fabrics
  • Vinyl
  • Backlit (Duratrans)

All large format prints required preparation, printing, and ink setting time. Any turnaround time less than 24 hours will be charged an additional 50% rush charge.

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